The Brightening System

Reveal your true glow

Lighten uneven skin tones and eliminate dark spots for a naturally radiant complexion.

Create a refined complexion without the irritation of harsh chemicals. The Évol Brighter Skin collection smoothes skin tone and targets dark spots, illuminating your skin for a natural glow. Our formulations are designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to new advances in brightening technology that provide a gentle yet effective lightening process.

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59.99 CAD
1oz (30 mL)
An overall brightener for maximum radiance that compliments your regular routine.
59.99 CAD
1oz (30 mL)
Target and diminish troublesome dark spots without irritation.
44.99 CAD
2oz (60 mL)
Soothe redness, diminish lines, brighten and cleanse in one simple step.